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    Greetings to all fellow ASCE members and people of interest,

    I am overjoyed to announce that I am the incoming 2017-2018 Santa Barbara/Ventura Branch YMF president. My adventure with ASCE began while attending California State University Fresno, where we hosted the well-known “Mid-Pac” event and immediately fell in love with what ASCE stood for. After graduating CSU Fresno with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, I decided to take a big step forward in my career and began an entry level job with Stantec in Santa Barbara, California. Moving to an unfamiliar place is a hard thing to do, but the YMF Santa Barbara/Ventura chapter quickly came to the rescue and provided me with a new place to call home. 

    I’m so excited to see where this year goes, as we have a list of great opportunities that we will be hosting and putting together. If you know any new civil engineers that are moving out to this area, please send them in my direction as we are always willing to grow and pleased to have new members join us. 


    Katie Bowman, E.I.T., M. ASCE 

    2017-2018 ASCE SB/V YMF President